Campbell River Community Arts Council

Organization Mission Statement

To foster awareness and interest in all the arts within our community, and to empower, support and validate the creative efforts of local artists.

The organization serves the following population

Serving the population of greater Campbell River.

The funds donated will be used to

The quality of a community is judged through the manner of respect and attention given toward its elders. Our seniors have devoted their lives to creating the conditions through which the present generation experience a prosperous life. However, seniors need particular care in the face of aging. It has been researched and proven that the role of live music within the lives of seniors contributes toward the improvement of cognitive function, combats loneliness, provides a sense of inclusion and generally instills within the elderly a sense of self-esteem at a vulnerable time of life. We owe it to our senior population to provide for them the compassion and care they deserve.

The Campbell River Arts Council believes that the arts must play an integral role within community life. Whether fostering creative brain development in children or offering opportunities for youth, or programs that contribute to family cohesion, the Arts Council believes that the arts are essential in establishing a powerful and positive quality of life. 

We are seeking funds for a Music For Seniors Program that will allow us to provide for seniors the chance to remain active in spirit. This new program is intended to compliment our current Music For Health Program in the Campbell River Hospital. In essence we want to take the existing hospital program and embed it within local seniors homes, with a focus on seniors who are unable to participate within the larger community. The 100 Women initiative would allow us a timely opportunity to enrich the lives of local seniors through bringing live and interactive music into their lives.

The organizations current sources of funding are

We are currently funded for our operation expenses by the Province of British Columbia (through B.C.A.C.), the City of Campbell River, and Gaming. Individual programs are funded by those that benefit (e.g., Head Injury Society for Art for Head Injury Survivors, Hospital Auxiliary for our Music for Health Program in the Hospital).


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