Campbell River Hospice Society

Organization Mission Statement

The Campbell River Hospice Society exists to provide compassionate support, information and companionship to meet the needs of individuals dacing death, their families, friends and those grieving a loss due to death.

The organization serves the following population

All ages and diverse backgrounds. For those who are living with life-limiting illnesses, caregiving or grief and loss due to death.

The funds donated will be used to

The Campbell River Hospice Society is currently seeking funding to help increase our grief counseling hours.

At this point, we have one councilor on staff who provides 24 hours of counseling services per week which is 8 hours 3 days per week. This councilor provided Outreach as well as an onsite counselor to help those through their grief and grief associated with a terminal diagnosis. Unfortunately, at this time we have a four-week waiting period which is simply not meeting the need. Those who need support need it to be in a timely manner.

We recognize that a support of $5000 is limited but we know it’s imperative we get some extra counseling support even if it’s limited. It will also give us some extra time in finding ongoing funding and in turn, leave no one without the support they need. 

A donation of $5000 would provide 192 hrs of counseling to an average of 48 people in the community.

The organizations current sources of funding are

Fundraising designated grant from VIHA, restricted funding from Gaming, Second to None Thirft Store.


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