Greenways Land Trust

Organization Mission Statement

Our mission is to restore, sustain and protect natural areas and critical habitats, particularly ecological and recreational greenways, for the benefit of our community.

The organization serves the following population

Greenways’ projects occur in natural spaces available to ALL residents of and visitors to Campbell River including: Beaver Lodge Lands, Campbell River estuary, and Willow Creek estuary. Overall, we advocate for all the creatures living in and using our natural spaces. Our numerous volunteer programs including Adopt-A-Trail, Conservation Team and Public events allow residents of all ages and stages to give back to the natural places they love. Our school programs engage hundreds of students in all grades: in 2017-18, 24 school groups invested time to restore environmentally sensitive areas. Food Security programs target low income families, those interested in producing their own food and provide public education to increase awareness of local food production opportunities. 

The funds donated will be used to

The funds donated will support community outreach, specifically for more school groups to participate in ecological restoration projects. In 2017/18 students invested 1,324 hours in our natural spaces, where they learned about our environment through hands-on activities. Students planted 958 native plants, built and installed bird boxes, insect houses, amphibian and reptile habitat, and removed invasive plants. Both the habitat and the students thrive: a win-win for everyone. However, we have more requests from schools than we can currently support. Additional funding for this program would allow us to expand the program to meet community demand and support our community’s future generations in learning how to care for our natural spaces.

The organizations current sources of funding are

Greenways Land Trust staff have been successful in acquiring competitive grant sources that bring Federal and Provincial funds into our community including: Federal Grants from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and from Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Provincial Funding: BC Gaming Grant City Funding for Partnership Projects including Knotweed Program, Management of Baikie Island and the Community Partnership Grant The Campbell River Community Foundation Generous donations from Community Businesses, such as Brown's Bay Chum Derby, 3E Excavating and Hurricane Jack Whale Watching; community organizations and residents.


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