Volunteer Campbell River

Organization Mission Statement

Mission: To advance the quality of volunteerism and community engagement.

Vision: Working together to build strong and healthy communities through volunteerism.

The organization serves the following population

All members of Campbell River & surrounding area.

The funds donated will be used to

Volunteer Campbell River will use the money, if successful in the process, to create new opportunities and connect people who care to causes that matter, while contributing to society through hosting a Volunteer Fair and Non-profit Gathering.  These funds will provide the opportunity for agencies to showcase who they are and what they do, to get more people involved in volunteering in the community, giving their time to a cause and to the betterment of Campbell River!  We will do this through: advertising strategies to bring more people to the event, offering fantastic prizes to be won for those participating, hire speakers for the event, and create a magazine type handout to those attending the Fair to highlight non-profit organizations, and volunteers, that can be used throughout the year as a place to advertise opportunities and agencies that shape our great city.  We would use the 100 Women who care logo in advertising leading up to and at the event in thanks and give the opportunity for a member to open the event.

The organizations current sources of funding are

Grants including Gaming, Sponsors, Membership Fees, Rentals, Workshop fees and Fundraising. 


Visit their website for more information: volunteercr.ca


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