100 Women Who Care CR is designed to make an immediate, direct, and positive effect on the lives of our neighbours by bringing together 100 + fantastic women in Campbell River who care about local community causes and want to help. Each woman becomes a member by joining and makes a $100 donation to watch how the 100+ members commitment turns into a $10,000+ donation. The members meet for 100 minutes to choose worthy Campbell River organizations to support.

What if YOU could be a part of a group that raises $10,000 in 100 minutes?

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We reached our goal of 100 Founding Members in less than 48 hours and continue to invite new members to join us!

Anyone with an interest in supporting non-profit organizations in the Campbell River area is welcome to join us! Women are invited to join by clicking the link below and filling in the member commitment form. Each member must commit to donating $100. Any member who has signed a commitment form will also be able to nominate a not for profit or charity of their choice for consideration to receive a portion of the group donated funds of $10,000+. Let's continue to do great things together in 2023. Thank you for being a woman who cares!

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Nominate Your Favorite Local Not for Profit or Charity Organization

Already signed up and donated your $100? Nominate a local not for profit or charity to be considered to be one of the organizations chosen at the cocktail reveal launch party to receive a $5000+ donation.

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A not for profit or charity can only be considered to receive a donation if it meets the following criteria:

1 - It is locally based (Campbell River & surrounding area) and in operation for more than one year.

‚Äč2 - It must be a registered charity or not-for-profit organization. Click here to find out if your favourite charity is registered with the CRA.

3 - A nomination form has been completed and submitted and received a response back from the 100 Women Who Care organizing committee to confirm that the nomination has met the requirements and is now qualified to be considered.

4 - All confirmed nominations representing not for profit and charity organizations are invited to host an info table at the cocktail reveal party so 100 Women Who Care CR members can learn more about local organizations in our community. The information table session will take place prior to the voting.

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