The Story Behind 100 Women Who Care Campbell River

A casual conversation after attending Philanthropy Day in Victoria led Amanda Raleigh and Colleen Evans, later joined by Tina Bailey to plan a simple way to raise donations efficiently and quickly for our community and local not for profits. The 100 Women Who Care Campbell River concept took shape after sharing how other communities had proven success with a similar model. Our concept is to bring together 100 women who care about local community causes and want to help, to become one of the 100 members that each donate $100 that will collectively grow into a $10,000 donation. Deserving local not for profits and charities, working to serve our community will be considered, through nomination, to receive a portion of the $10,000 group donation. 100 Women Who Care Campbell River Members will vote by secret ballot to jointly select two organizations to receive a $5000 donation each.

The local impact will be immediate! The 100 women who donate can look forward to hearing back from the charities who received the donation, on the difference it made in our community and improve the lives of our neighbours. 100 women will share an incredible philanthropic experience by each taking voluntary action for the common good of Campbell River. Future meetings will be planned after the launch event.

Giving should be easy! And fun! Now it is! Become a Member of 100 Women Who Care Campbell River.

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Founders: Tina Bailey, Amanda Raleigh, Colleen Evans