Campbell River and North Island Transition Society

Organization Mission Statement

The Campbell River and North Island Transition Society works from a feminist perspective, to achieve a balance of power in society. We provide safe shelter and access to community-based resources for women and children.

The organization serves the following population

Our clients are women who are fleeing abuse, who are impacted by homelessness, abuse, violence and/or substance misuse.

The funds donated will be used to

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated key risk factors for domestic violence. School closures, financial and food insecurity, quarantine and social isolation have negatively influenced mental health issues, increasing the risk of problematic coping behaviors including family violence and conflict. Limited physical mobility, suspended public transport, and closed or stretched capacity of specialist support services has hindered the ability of domestic abuse survivors to access support including first medical aid, justice, health care, psycho-social care and social protection. Women may assume closure of services means services for violence are not open and being on lockdown with perpetrators can make them feel unsafe to seek help leading to an under-reporting of cases. As a result of the pandemic we are continuing to adapt and implement new ways of offering services.

Ann Elmore Transition House continues to provide short-term emergency shelter for emotionally, physically and/or sexually abused women and their children. The shelter runs at full capacity providing food, some clothing and basic personal care items. The shelter also provides detox and recovery beds as well as mental health stabilization beds.

The Women’s Center is currently open and being accessed by women in our community Monday to Thursday. We provide drop in crisis counselling and poverty relief items as well as our all-day breakfast program to women in poverty and or living on the streets. Do you know that more than 50 percent of the women accessing these services are senior women? Of that number over 30 percent are defined as homeless?

Rose Harbour provides housing to women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, with priority given to women fleeing abuse and in addiction recovery. Our focus is to help residents achieve and maintain stability in housing while assisting in access to community-based supports and services. Our focus is to help women make the life changes they desire and foster resilience against homelessness.

Transitions Thrift Store has reopened and is helping to provide financial support to the society’s operation costs.

Our staff have continued to operate on the front lines of the pandemic while adjusting to changes in how our services run. The costs to the change and implementation of different modes of delivery for services, janitorial and staffing costs etc .have increased greatly. We look to the community for their support as we adjust to new methods of fundraising. 

The organizations current sources of funding are

Provincial Government, donations, United way.


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